Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Link Salad, the Libba Bray edition

It is saturday, and after 4 hours up at Yorkdale mall, and a yummy Dairy Queen pit stop on the way home I am ready to catch you up on the linkage.

-Helen Fielding has made a lot of people very happy with the announcement of a new Bridget Jones Diary book, slated for next fall.  This time with the very entertaining new difficulties of social media, and online dating.  However, how come this has not also instigated a compilation of her Bridget Jones columns that came after book 2, and in which she got pregnant with Daniel's child??! Yesh, gimme!

-There have been a handful of cover reveals this week, starting with Katherine Longshore's paperback of Gilt.  It is very romance-esque looking, I think I might like the hardcover better.  Book two , Tarnish also seems to have trickled onto the net this week (I found this image on goodreads) and what's nice is it goes with both the new cover and the old cover.  Thoughtful of the publisher, they know I like my sets to match.

-Sarah Dessen's latest, The Moon and More (previously known as The Best Ever After), slated for June 2013 has had  a cover reveal. It matches the whole do-over of all Dessen's previous books.  I'm not sure the new covers impress me as much as I wanted them to, they still seem very girly to me.  However it is in keeping with the image her publishers have made for her.  I'm just saying, I suspect a lot of readers are missing out on Dessen goodness due to the girlieness of the covers.

-Today was Libba Bray's big visit to Canada, hopefully the first of many, and my second time meeting her.  Libba has always been one of my favourite authors, and meeting her just makes me like her more. She is quite possibly one of the kindest, most lovely authors I've had the pleasure to meet.  She sang my song the first time we met, and today she was giving everyone big hugs, and generally hamming it up while also taken plenty of one on one time with everyone.  It was also a great excuse to buy the stunning hardcover of Diviners, since I had the lovely, but not quite as stunning ARC.

We were treated to a reading of Libba's first story, written in grade 5, which was a paranormal horror involving girls falling down a whole lot of holes.  Some sage writing advice (let your mad man loose first, and then your inner critic, the magic happens in revisions, and if you're stuck try free writing and also "In that note I never gave you, I said:" ), as well as many funny antidotes (the Gemma Doyle book tour was sponsored by Midol and a horror version of Winnie the Pooh, where Piglet wields an axe).

-Finally in NaNoWriMo news (see, I told you guys I needed you keeping me honest), I have only spent  one other afternoon writing so far, but I'm pretty happy with the way things are going and what I have on the page so far.  I'm officially at 5300 words and the start of page 10.  Presumably I'll be a little more prolific this week as there are no events or outings planned.  Also, I started taking part in Sarah J Mass and Susan Dennards writing sprints, which I found were helpful and fun.  Though I work to late to do them Monday and Tuesday's.

And that's a wrap! I hope Saturday has been kind to you and that your books are plentiful and all good reads. Weekend onwards!


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