Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Link Salad with bonus FF Nano'ing and Ontario Blog meet up goodness!

Ah, another weekend full of fun and excitement! Another weekend where I'm behind on Feline Friday and Link Salad posts!  So many things to do, so many books to read, and so very little time to blog! Alas, it is a hard, hard life my friends (she says from her pile of exciting new ARC's from yesterdays blog meet up, oh look- is that Sever over there?!), cry some tears for me.

I do have news from the front lines of the book world for you, so get your linking beverages ready, set- GO!

-After only the briefest of lead up, Random House and Penguin officially announced their merger this week.  Which of course lead to a very large and abundant array of hypothesised new names for them.  My favourite? Random House of Penguins.

-Deviant Art and horror author Clive Barker have announced a collaborative online storytelling venture, Odysse II.  Clive Barker has become a super active Deviant Art user in the past year (watch out, he's a big fan of the erotic arts field, so maybe don't check out his account while at work or the library), which has sparked the collaboration.

-Lovers of The Monstermologist, there is more Rick Yancey goodness on the way! Rick Yancey and Putnam have announced his next book, The 5th Wave, a Sci-fi thriller set for release in May 2013.  Sounds like it's another venture in the strange and bizarre, which only Yancey can pull off with the aplomb he's shown in the past for such things.

-Crave by Random House has premiered a recipe from their forth coming Epicurious cook book. These zucchini fries look to-die-for, I am so making them as soon as humanely possible.

-This week launched the famed November fan fare of NaNoWriMo across the great interweb highways.  I am loudly announcing my first ever foray into NaNo'ing in the hopes you will all shame me into not quitting.  Honestly, I used to be a prolific writer until sometime in my teens when I became desperately embarrassed by it and quit.  So, I thought I'd give it a NaNoWriMo effort and see if it's still something I'm at all capable of, or enjoy doing, but I need you all to shame me into continuing no matter how sad my results are. 

Thursdays launch day saw me up early and prepping, I was mapping out my plot, various ideas and character info on a bulletin board.  You'll notice Opal felt the plot needed more kittens.  She knocked the board down and positioned herself in the correct spot to illustrate.
She was also a big fan of editing, and over the course of the day would add various 298347we89yfh jshfnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sentences to my 3000 words.  Her help has been invaluable. 
Also, she finds writing exhausting.

-The great thing about NaNoWriMo is the community support and the outpouring of advice and tips from all sorts of editors and writers.  Here are some of my favourites I've run across this week:
-In my last bit of news, the great and wonderful, 2nd annual Ontario Blogger Meet up happened yesterday and it was oodles of fun.  71 bloggers, authors and various publishing guru's were in attendance, and there was fan girl/boying, gossip, shared tips and much giggles and good times.  I was thrilled to meet Elizabeth Miles, of Envy and Fury fame (we sadly did not realize till later that we're both cat people, so missed out on cat gossip. Sigh), Cinda Williams Chima of Seven Realms fame (I just finished book one yesterday morning and am officially in love), Susin Nielsen (who I met a BEA but was extra excited to see since I've since read and loved her book), Alison Baggio (who was so charming to talk to I am now dying to read her book), Lesley Livingston (who is too much fun and defies description as per usual), and of course Joanne Levy, whose book Small Medium at Large has been on my radar since it came out but hadn't made it into my TBR pile until yesterday.  Joanne and I decided it was fate I won her book and that we would obviously be best friends forever more and have coffee together in Oakville.  Joanne, I might hold you to that!

My groaning stacks of books have now exponentially increased but in the best possible way.  Did I mention I got a copy of Sever and Fuse??!

-In Feline Friday news, Tropical Storm Sandy has put pets as well as people out of homes and out of luck.  Don't forget them in your donations, volunteering or other ways of helping.  The Gothamist has 21 cats and dogs who urgently need adoption or fostering if you are able to help.

And that's a wrap folks.  Now get back to your 25 hours of sunday goodness, and think kind thoughts of me while I wile away the hours at work trying to explain to the general public how exactly DST works. Seriously, it makes NO DIFFERENCE people, how do we not all understand this by now?

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