Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Kitty Style- Feline Fridays

It is inching closer and closer to holiday time, and the hubby and I are holding out as long as possible before having to train Opal to NOT open christmas presents under the tree, and other holiday misdemeanours.  I have an excellent story to illustrate why this might be a concern.

So, we have a couch, it was an IKEA super cheapy special, that we got 8 or 9 years ago, and that has slowly been disintegrating (training 13 fosters and 6 of our own cats to not scratch the furniture has also taken its toll).  It's both embarrassing, and slightly impractical for people who are having a baby, so the decision was made that we would ask our parental units to contribute to a new couch for Christmas, thereby insuring a Christmas couch (plus, the parental units are so very excited about this whole grandchild thing, it seemed like a good time to ask).  Opal decided to take a minute to point out how we might want to purchase it before christmas, while carousing around the house the other day.

Prior to this moment there was a small tear in the side of the couch, that we were unaware went all the way through to the frame.  Opal took a minute to illustrate.
Cheddars a good kid, he took a minute to let us know we might want to have a look at her latest mischief making.  "Um guys? I think we lost my kitten."
Opal was so pleased with her new play room she wasn't letting anyone remove her.  It was a little too reminiscent of the "here's Johnny!" moment in The Shinning.
In the end the hubby-hubster had to rip the couch hole wider, pry Opal out and then screw a board over the hole.  We have a very trashy looking couch now, I will have to serve guest copious amounts of wine so they won't notice.

I think it's time for a trip to IKEA!


  1. Couch covers could be a much cheaper temporary measure to hide the embarrassment. I know Zellers had them, but since all the Zellers are closing, perhaps try a Walmart?

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