Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Roundup

Between morning sickness, the nerve wracking 12 week ultrasound, a dire cold and the holidays, December has been a bit on the exhausting side.  Foolish me, we had nobody visiting for Christmas so I didn't take any time off work, and thus I am now in full on collapse/hibernation mode.  However, I'm the proud owner of a new Hudson Bay blanket and loads of new books so I'm set to hunker down for the next 6 months or so.  I'm pretty sure that's entirely reasonable, right?  If I catch up on my posts I'm pretty sure I can get you to vote yes, right?  Just send well written proposals to my HR office.

This was a book spectacular Christmas for me, the hubby decided to splash out and get me as well read as possible before this wee parasite shows up and starts putting a crimp in my prolific reading ways.  Which by the way, is going to be my very own reading challenge this year, how much can I read before June 28th? Can I do the bulk of the yearly 100 to ensure I meet my annual benchmark?  I hear I'm supposed to get my energy back in the next few weeks, or so, so I'm crossing my fingers that the new year will see me off to a strong start.  My biggest problem will be trying to pick what to read first.  Seriously.

The hubby focused on entire series' this year, and I'm not one to split a series up if I don't have to, so I've got some major reading to do.

Map of the Sky is part two to a book we bought eagerly ages ago, but have both yet to read, Map of Time.  Apparently we now have no excuses.

The Serpents Shadow is the last in Riordan's Egyptian gods series, I've read the first, have a signed copy of the second, but haven't caught up yet, now that it's complete I'm dying to start from the beginning again.  The Mark of Athena is book 3 in his second series of camp half blood books, again, I've read book one, have book two (signed, I was on a roll with Rick for awhile there and saw him like three times), but haven't caught up yet.  Another awesome series I can't wait to start with the first part again and have a solid run at it.  Nothing is quite as enjoyable as reading these books back to back and getting all the nuancing out of them that you can miss when they're spread out a year or more apart.

The Tamora Pierce books are the only books of hers I don't own.  I've been meaning to get them forever, and even have the book that's the end cap to this second part of the series.  Sometimes my book buying habits are a bit all over the place,  I could never find this whole series in any one place, but ran into Will of the Empress for a good price at one of my second hand book haunts.  Since there's a new Circle book coming this year, the hubby has picked an ideal time to catch me up!

The Parasol Protectorate series was a funny coincidence.  A friend of mine at work has been raving about these for quite sometime, and at the Ontario Bloggers meet up I got an ARC of the the authors newest series and thought this should really be the inspiration for me to finally go and check out the Parasol books.  The hubby meanwhile, stumbled into them in that Steampunk mecca, Seattle, this summer and wrote the name down for future gift ideas, totally without knowing any of my interest in the series.

The Dragon Heir books almost don't need explanation.  When I fell in love with Chima this fall, it was given that I needed ALL of her books ASAP, or there was going to be a reading crisis in my life.  The hubby politely provided the box set to offset the meltdown from lack of Chima in my life.

Then came the wee parasite inspired gifts.  Both of us have very fond memories of being read to growing up.  I had a real thing for beautifully illustrated books.  At a very young age I was already a connoisseur.  There is only one passion I want to share with this child as much as my love of reading, and it's my love of animals, so needless to say, this babies first gifts were books.  For both of us, the hubby got the entire collection of Roald Dahl.  James and the Giant Peach, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were huge influences on me when I was 6 and 7, I can't wait to re-read them and to read some of his books I've yet to read.

The real baby gifts though were a collection of six classic stories, each gorgeously illustrated by Robert Ingpen, including the centenary edition of Peter Pan.  Besides being full of lush illustrations, these books are also larger format (perfect for shared reading) and have ribbon bookmarks, and totally ideal for kids, have the classic library plastic covering on the paper covers.  I'm not sure if I can wait till the wee parasite is old enough for books before I start reading them to it.

Speaking of the parasite, we got quite a performance for the 12 week ultra sound, as it put on a song and dance show that was quite impressive.  The technician was even impressed, commenting that it was very active.  Apparently it was too "early" to tell if the the wee parasite is a boy or a girl, which means the torture of not knowing will now be prolonged until the 1st of February (though the going theory amongst everyone seems to be that it will be a girl, possibly due to the shortage of girls in our friends and family).  This has not stopped folks though, and the child is already the proud owner of two sets of booties, one dancing and singing dog, and the cutest bunny winter jumper ever.  Although buying baby stuff seems like something that should come much further down the line, it has become apparent that we'll need to start some kind of registry soon, or drive our friends and family insane waiting.  It's so much fun to see how excited everyone is, right now I think it's my favourite part of the whole process.

I'm slowly getting back into the grove of reviews
(which is to say I have not wrote a single review, but I have excellent intentions), now that the demands of the holidays and my bad cold aren't eating away at all my free time.  Things should vastly improve when we get our BEST Christmas present next week- the new couch!!  I can hardly wait!  we'll be getting this one (though not likely in white, *cringe*), and I know your first response is going to be, don't you already have a chaise lounge?  But lets be honest, there's no such thing as too many.  Especially with four cats and two humans, there can be a lot of competition for the chaise.

You'll recall the current state of our couch at the moment, so well illustrated by Opal Koboi, our super adorable, super evil kitten.

When I got truly sick I abandoned the Jingle Books, not wanting to spread germs with my books, however, between now and New Years Day I'll be dropping a few more to cheer up the end of your holidays.  Keep you eyes peeled!

What else?  Oh of course!  The fuzzy kids say hi.  They hope your holidays have been joyous and full of all of your favourite things.  Like naps.
Cheddar has dug out the toque and scarf for our recent snow fall.  Hopefully he plans on putting it to some good use and goes out to shovel soon.

Santa Thurman is cashing in on post-Christmas downtime for a nap.

Opal is realizing that being a kitty in this household demands a lot of costume wearing.  She's thinking about moving.

Dilly is channeling Grumpy the reindeer.  She informs me he was a cousin of Rudolph's. 

Hope your weekend is spectacularly relaxing and delightful and that you're getting ready to leap ahead a year.  Which sounds exhausting, a whole year? so make sure to take some much needed naps.  I'll be at work, so make sure to take an extra long one for me.


  1. Such great books for the wee one! We started reading to our kids pretty much straight out of the womb, and it's been great. Our oldest loves his books, and will even sit next to me on the couch and "read."
    About the ultrasound, good luck with the active one. Our first kicked and punched through every ultrasound. The second slept through them. I had to jump and wake it up so it would move! Their current personalities match their ultrasounds, by the way.

  2. I may have to beg to borrow those Parasol Protectorate ones from you - I really love the look of Etiquette & Espionage, and if it's as good as I think it is...

    Love your dressed up cats! Sorry to hear about your cold. Mine has been killing my spirit, too. I'm working to get my blog back up to speed as well.

    Good luck with the wee parasite. I'm looking forward to seeing how book-obsessed he/she gets!

  3. You must have wet your pants the first time you thought of calling it a parasite - based on the number of times you've used the word you must really think it clever and original.