Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Link Salad- With Bonus December Giveaway madness!

That's right!  I have not changed my link collection ways (I will never learn, ever), but I had no crash this week! So there are Links!! Gah, I feel sad even admitting this. And yet, I sense no change in my ridiculous ways.
So without further ado, here's your linkage:

-Suzanne Collins next project has finally been announced.  She's doing an autobiographical picture book called Year of the Jungle, based on the year her dad spent in Vietnam.  I am underwhelmed to say the least.  It sort of seems like everything she writes is going to be about war, which is not awful, but it is very repetitive.  Thoughts?

-Katie McGarry has released the cover to Pushing the Limits companion novel, Dare You To.  All I have to say is, wow, they're really pushing the steamy angle hey?

-I love pretty much anything historical, be still my heart when I hear the words- BBC mini series, so I'm all for lists of great historical fiction to get others into it. The Guardian has just that list! For teens no less! And it has Code Name Verity on it, so you know the other books must be awesome-sauce.

-Now who wouldn't want to win a Skype writing workshop with Maggie Stiefvater?  I suppose non-writers?  But even they would be crazy not to want it.  In which case, head on over to the This Is Teen facebook page to enter their contest for just such a dream come true.  The writing prompt is fun and they only want 500 words, so what are you waiting for?

-Kody Keplinger announced this week that she has a e-short story collection coming out this spring.  They tie into the Duff, A Midsummer's Nightmare and her new story Goldfish.  Goldfish, alas, has been pushed back to Spring 2014.

-Kiera Cass has released the cover art for her companion book to The Selection, the e-story The Prince.  As is endlessly popular these days (I fully admit to being a fan), it's a chunk of the story told from the guys perspective.  Lets hope we get some insight on the other girls in the running.

-A.C Gaughen had great news to announce the other day.  Scarlett has been turned into a trilogy! Not a shocker, but good news as it seemed to be very in the air when I saw her speak in June, and I want more of all her delicious Robin Hood characters.

-Harrod's Christmas window this year are pretty one of a kind.  They decided to go Disney Princess, as designed by some of the super stars in the design world these days.  You can check out the sketches, and the window on, then head over to to check out the magazine photo shoot.  I'm thinking I want Snow White's look.

-Stephen King's Under the Dome is on it's way to being a CBS miniseries.  Let's see if they can finally translate one of his stories decently.  The hubby really liked Under the Dome, I will not hear the end of it any time soon if they mess it up!

-Speaking of TV series, ABC is developing Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers into one.  This should be interesting.

-And more on the development of book adaptations, there are four actors officially in the running for Four in Divergent at the moment, and they've been announced, who are you hoping for?  I'm not sure any of them are exactly what I pictured, but maybe Brandon Thwaites?  They're all smiling which something I don't really picture Four doing, so maybe that's part of the problem.

-Finally, remember the fantastic mysterious Scottish book sculptor? She's back, and that's right, we now know it's a she.

-I have Cassie Clare tidbits for you!

Now onto the Big December Giveaway Announcement!  Because it's the holidays, I have oodles of books that need a good home, and I owe you guys big time for my blog silence lately, so I'm going to do a city wide scavenger hunt of books this month, called Jingle Books across downtown Toronto.  Each day I'll tweet a hint and then drop the book, at which point I'll post a picture of the location. For those of you outside of TO, there will be a couple of days where I'll post a picture of somewhere iconic, and the first commentator to get it correct will get the book of the day mailed to them.  I have more books then there are days this month, and some of them are even signed!  So some days will be more than one book, some will be signed, some will be middle grade, some YA and some Adult.  Today will be day one, and expect a drop somewhere between 3 and 4pm in the old Polish mecca of Toronto.  The drop will be made while I finish the last of my shippable Christmas shopping.


  1. I absolutely adore this post! It is like cliff notes to book news. I appreciate you taking the time to share all of these tidbits and links.

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