Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

To all my linkage lovelies, I have been neglectful, the links have been collecting on my desktop and in my email but my body has been non-cooperative when it comes to sitting down to set them up in a post. I blame the holidays and that terrible cold that has been going around, and while I'm at it I'll also assign a little blame to the wee parasite who is sucking my energy dry with all it's busy body growing business.  I have no shortage of excuses!  It's like a superpower!

But my patient news hunters, you're endearing persistence has paid off, because I present to you a two week + haul of bookish news and announcements.  So fill your cup of eggnog and put your slippered feet up, you'll be here for awhile!

-First up is the Book Smugglers big finale to their annual Smugglivus.  Head on over to their blog and let them know what your favourite read of 2012 was for a chance to win a Kobo Touch ereader!  I think I might be the official last reader on the planet without an ereader so I have my fingers crossed.

-Speaking of best of lists, they're starting to populate the blogisphere as 2013 creeps up on the horizon.  I generally save all my thoughts for February when I do my Book Oscars, but I love reading all the various lists.  Make sure to link your lists in the comments below so I don't miss them!  One of my favorites so far was Maggie Stiefvater's  Best of 2012 list on her blog, and the accompanying NPR interview (you can read and listen),  I agreed heartily with several, added a few new ones to my TBR lists, and bumped a couple of books I've had on the TBR pile for some time, to the top.  Whatever you do though, do NOT read the comments on the NPR article, unless you fancy a holiday hulk outburst.

-There has been a handful of teasers over the past couple of weeks, first up was Leigh Bardugo's EVIL teeny teaser for Siege and Storm.  I would probably consider trading the wee parasite for an ARC of Siege and Storm, at least temporarily.  Just so you know, the offer is out there.  Michelle Hodkin gave a quick teaser of her long overdue Noah POV scene, which I was starting to wonder if she'd forgot about.  Cassandra Clare also teased us all with a tidbit from Clockwork Princess, which is starting to feel like it might NEVER release, and then last night put up one of the raciest tidbits yet.  Kiera Cass hit 6000 followers and put up a teaser of Elite as well.

-Speaking of Cassandra Clare, there has been a plethora of news over on her Tumblr.  Thursday she announced her extremely fancy Clockwork Princess Tour, which includes groupies and a tour bus!  I might have to make a trip to visit my dad around the time she's due in Vancouver, I'll only be 6 months pregnant, pfft, easy peasy.  Also, I should think people would be really nice to me, right?  Of course the mega news from Cassie this month was her Bane Chronicles news with Sara Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson, lets say there is no way I'm waiting till 2014 for the print copy!  So lets cross our fingers about that Kobo touch hey?

-J.K Rowlings Causal Vacancy has been picked up for a series on BBC.  I can't imagine wanting to see that painful story in action but I suppose people have enjoyed worse?  Let's say I won't be watching it, ugh, once was more than enough for me.

-EW had an intriguing interview with Michelle Hodkin, where they talked Mara Dyer and darkness in YA.

-Of the many fantabulous books I read this year, The Farm was definitely up there.  Check out Wastepaper Prose's blog (a stop on the Farm tour earlier this month) for an intriguing interview with author Emily McKay and a chance to win this stellar book.

-Speaking of Books I'm not sure got enough hype in the past year, Megan Miranda's Fracture enthralled me, and I can't tell you how excited I am for her second book, Hysteria.  But don't just take my word for it- check out the first chapter over on issuu.

-Speaking of extras, teasers etc., did you miss Amiee Carter's release of Henry's POV of the Window Room Scene?  Me too, you're welcome.

-Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules books have gotten a make over and I love their new looks!  Alas, I thing I may need to replace my copy so I can have this purty matched set.

-Speaking of makeovers, the Pure trilogy website by Julianna Baggott has gotten a do-over just in time for the February release of Fuse.

-Speaking of New Year releases, HarperTeen is having a Tweetstakes for an ARC of Requiem, just in case you can't wait until March for it's release.

-In the vein of spectacular books of 2012, Rachel Hartman has been listed as a finalist for the Morris Award for her fantastic Seraphina.  Seriously, if you haven't read it, then it's time to rectify that oversight.

-Speaking of great books, did you read The Book of Blood and Shadow this past year?  Dying to read a little more about the Voynich Manuscript?  Well Robin Wasserman is linking you to some Voynich goodness.

-Holly Black has completed the Coldest girl in Coldtown and has posted her intriguing how I wrote it posts.  For those who write or those who are intrigued by the process, it's a fascinating insight.

-Were you shorted on great books and book related gifts this year?  Then let me suggest this T-shirt Libba Bray brought to my attention.  It rocks, lets be honest, who wouldn't want it??!

-Finally, it looks like YA and middle grade books are finally getting the ultimate acknowledgement.  The NY Times has announced they're splitting the YA and Middle grade Bestseller lists.  This will be a big deal for authors of those genres and will hopefully carry on the growing business that both those genres have become over the past couple of years.  I can't say I miss the days when to write for "children" was considered the poorest job going.  It's amazing the selection kids and teens have now as opposed to what I had when I was their age.  And I'm only 34, but seriously, I was prolific reader and the pickin's were slim.  So I read Daphne DuMaurier in grade 6, because it was easy to out-read your age level by grade 6 if you liked books at all.

Alrighty, I'm off to prep for 2013.  See you on the other side folks!  And may your reading be plentiful and deliciously wonderful in the mean time! Saturday onwards.


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