Friday, January 11, 2013

Is Adoption/Fostering in your New Years Resolutions?- Feline Friday

So we're 11 days into 2013 and I don't know about you, but I haven't set foot in the gym, there's still chocolate coming into the house and I'm behind on posting reviews still.  However, there are still good deeds you can participate in, and these fuzzy orphans won't even judge your christmas podge.

I've mentioned before, how the hubs and I spent 3 years fostering for a local rescue group at one point.  We fostered 15 cats over that time, and it was incredibly fulfilling.  Knowing that we were the difference between these cats living in the luxury of a living room or on the streets, and watching them fall in love with their new lifestyle was one off the most satisfying things I've ever done.  Of course, it was also how we met and fell in love with both Baxter and Thurman.

Annex Cat Rescue has another Baxter story on it's hands, his name is Scott.  A super sweet little guy, who appeared in one of ACR's feral cat colonies in the past couple of months, Scott was obviously dumped or lost as he was far too social to be feral.  Winter in Toronto hasn't been terribly harsh this year, but for an indoor cat it's still a challenge to suddenly be on the streets full time.  ACR just got Scott off the streets and into a foster home this week and he's doing wonderful.  Imagine if you could be part of that?  Well you can!  Scott is looking for his forever home, if you're interested please call or email Annex Cat Rescue at: 416-410-3835 or .

Of course, if you're not prepared for a full time addition to your family, you can still consider fostering, there is so much to be said for those who give their love to the animals as they adjust to the changes in their lives, and help them find the happiest possible forever home.  Both options will leave you feeling like a superstar without ever setting foot in a gym!

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