Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Diary of a Bookworms 3rd Anniversary!

Yes, it came and went on Friday January 4th with me only realising at about 9pm!  Whoops, apparently the couch really is sucking me in.

It's hard to believe this little blog has been going strong for three years now, it seems like only yesterday I posted my first ever post, but apparently little has changed since I am still spending prodigious amounts of time on my chaise lounge and having issues pulling myself away from my latest book (Timeless, by Gail Carriager, 6th book of the new year) to keep up on reviews.  So I thought I'd take a few minutes to talk about some of my more amusing stats from the past three years in honor of the occasion.

In the past three years I've Posted 785 posts.  229 posts in 2010, 280 posts in 2011and 262 posts in 2012.  Of those posts, 357 were reviews and they break down as follows alphabetically:
A-24 books
B-23 books
C-15 books
D- 27 books
E- 7 books
F- 20 books
G- 9 books
H- 7 books
I- 9 books
J- 3 books
K- 1 book
L- 15 books
M- 6 books
N- 6 books
O- 4 books
P- 11 books
Q- 0 books
R- 9 books
S- 25 books
T- 116 books (comprising largely of titles begining with THE since I find it obnoxious to sort by the second word if it has THE in the title)
U- 3 books
V- 1 book
W- 12 books
X- 0 books
Y- 1 book
Z- 2 books
and numeric titles- 1 book

My most viewed posts EVER have all been Cassandra Clare teaser or excerpt posts, apparently the Diary is a hive of TMI and TMD die hards.  The most viewed book reviews (without a giveaway attached) were:
Beautiful Disaster- 2469 views (proving everybody loves a good bad review)
The Selection, by Kiera Cass- 1571 views
The Sisters Grimm, The Inside Story- 651 views
Miss Peregrins Home for Peculiar Children- 549 views
Artemis Fowl, the Atlantis Complex- 543 views
Tempestuous, by Lesley Livingston- 541 views
Dexter is Delicious- 532 views
The Cats Table- 524 views

It also seems that I have a fan base full of cat lovers! My three top posts that weren't reviews, or Cassie Clare teasers, were all Feline Fridays. YAY feline fridays!
Keeping the Kitties Warm this Winter (how to build a shelter for feral cats) -1963 views
109 Cats in Sweaters- 1572 views
My Maru Obsession- 1185 views
Since Feline Fridays were started in memory of my beloved first cat, Topaz (who was my dedicated companion for 17 years), I couldn't be happier with how popular it's turned out to be.

In the past three years many notable things happened.  I went to the BEA twice, wrote reviews for YYZ Living Magazine for one issue (turns out, disorganised editors are a bit unpleasant to work with), met oodles of amazing book bloggers, took part in one Dewey Read-a-thon, met many of my favorite authors, caved and started a twitter account (otherwise known as the greater eater of spare time), got pregnant, had two cats pass away (Baxter 2012, and Topaz 2010), and adopted three (Baxter and Thurman 2010, Opal 2012), broke my record and read 161 books in one year (2012), and had the Blogess sign my boobs

I currently have 172 unread books (these are just the obvious To-READ books, and not the ones mixed into the rest of my books), and an undisclosed but LARGE amount of read favourites.  The hubby and I's book collection is currently housed on 7 large bookshelves in the living room, with overflow onto two bookshelves and a desk in the hubbies studio and a handful of miscellaneous books in my studio on a bookcase not to mention the odd book on a nightstand or in the coffee table. We regularly donate
(or drop off at used book stores) large amounts of books we're not likely to re-read, but are looking for a good donation place in Toronto since the Public Library won't take them.  If the apocalypse ever happens we'll be able to start our own library, or possibly build a small town from our books.

Hopefully the next three years will be every bit as fun and interesting as the past three years have been, and all of you will bear with me over the summer when we introduce our new family member, and my posting most likely gets sparse and tired!


  1. congrats! you really did good and i wish you many more years of pleasure ( with so many undread boosk and those to come, you will be busy^^)

    1. I know right? The hubby pointed out that since I read 161 books this past year, and have over 170 unread on the shelves that "I guess you can stop buying books hey?!". Ha ha, I say, Ha, ha.

  2. Congratulations! And have a nice day :)