Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sunday Link Salad

In the fourteen years I've lived in Toronto, yesterday marks one of only 4 trips I've made to the surrounding cities outside of it for fun.  Sad, I know!  So the hubby and I decided to hit the road to go visit his brother and his brothers girlfriend in the University town of Waterloo, since they've always made the trip to us in the past.  It was epic and adventurous, we got lost twice trying to find their house in Waterloo and after passing the humane society twice, almost ended up adopting another cat and driving home (Opal could totally use a kitten, and gee whiz, we only have a few months more to adopt all the cats in, before the wee parasite makes it impractical).  Instead we found their house eventually, trolled the local farmers market (yum) and then cruised the main drag for coffees and possible gifts for their mom for her birthday.  See? Epic.

So epic in fact, that I had to leave the Link Salad till today or die of exhaustion/Opal abuse from a day of neglect.  See? She totally needs a kitten.  And you thought I was being crazy. Pfft.

-Stephanie Meyer's apparently decided to be a full time movie producer instead of writer these days.  Her latest announcement? She's bought the rights to Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood.  My two cents?  Her books were enjoyable for what they were.  The movies were god awful, to a degree that is only enjoyable for mocking.  Meyer, stick to writing.  Also, Kendare, get ready for an awful film that will embarrass you in equal proportion to making you rich.  Half a dozen of one, six of the other.

-If you're a Dan Brown and Robert Langdon fan, boy do I have news for you!  Doubleday announced it will release May 14th and be called Inferno.

-Are you eagerly awaiting the next part to Marie Lu's Legend, Prodigy? Then head on over to amazon to pick up the kindle short story, Life Before Legend: Stories of the Criminal and the Legend.

-Curious about Shannon Messenger's forth coming YA novel, Let the Sky Fall?  Then look no further than Simon and Schuster for a chapter excerpt to wet you appetite.

-Amazon blew this reveal awhile back, but in case you missed it, EW released the final cover for the Retribution of Mara Dyer, along with the blurb and details about the final book. Read- embargoed!

-The Clockwork Princess full jacket and back cover blurb was released this week. Oh boy! It's getting close to heartbreak time people.  And in case you don't believe me on that, here's a snippet that was released over some MTV win.

-Because she's a stylish lady who has our backs, and yours, Sarah Dessen has come out to officially tell you that High School IS NOT awesome.  That's right, so stop listening to all those *%%! wipes who want to tell you it's "the best years of your life".  Besides, who wants to waste your best years between 14-17 anyhow?!

-Recently a friend asked me about Margaret Atwood and if I had read her books, to which I enthusiastically replied she had written one of my all time favorites, The Edible Woman.  This also lead to a conversation where I realised one of my other all time favorites was In a Bell Jar, and, umm, that was a kind of weird trend.  Anyhoots, today a friend of mine tweeted a really interesting article from the guardian talking about Sylvia not wanting her mom to know she'd written In a Bell Jar.  An interesting look into the life of a complicated woman.

-There has been a series of announcements concerning the Divergent filming, mostly from Veronica Roth herself, but also the announcement of the casting of Tris. Hmm, she looks nothing like she was supposed to, but I suppose they might make it work.

-Speaking of movie news, the Director for Julianna Baggotts novel Pure has been announced.  It was amusing that the announcement was for the YA book, which it's not.  I'm curious if this non-hollywood director will take a unique look at the material.  That would be refreshing.

-If you're counting down the next couple of week until the release of Lauren DeStefano's final part in the Wither series, Sever, the Simon and Schuster has just the thing for you.  Head on ove to view the covers of the three books and scroll over them to reveal intriguing tidbits about the series.

-Were you a fan of Megan Crewes The Way We Fall? Are you going to be in Toronto at the end of February? Then make sure not to miss the launch party for the sequel, The Lives We Lost.

-Are you looking for an interesting way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice? Then look no further than BBC2's airing of recreating the Netherfield ball.  They're going to talk all aspects of a ball at that time period, fashion, dancing, food, and it will end with them actually putting one together.  Sounds like a rousing good time!

Alrighty folks, that's it for this week!  Sunday onwards!

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