Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Link Salad

Another epic week of NEWS, NEWS, NEWS!  So make sure you're well hydrated and somebody will be checking up on you for rounds of feeding, then link onwards.

-Unravel Me, the sequel to the love it or hate it Shatter Me (I hated it) came out this week.  In case you're like me and wasn't loving it, or if you did love it but haven't had a chance to run out to buy it (Snowmaggedon anyone?) then check out the Facebook page for a 100 page preview.

-Speaking of previews, if you're one of the many Patrick Ness fans eagerly anticipating his next book, The Crane Wife, head on over to Cannongate books webpage for the first chapter.

-If your one of E. Wein's many, many fans after reading the incomparable Code Name Verity, then head on over to her blog post about her next book, Rose Under Fire.  She gives lots of info and background and I am now officially salivating at the chance to read it.  She also posted links to the new paperback covers, both totally different but intriguing (I think my fav is still the original).

-Seraphina, newly Morrised, has a new cover for the paperback.  Happily its just a slight variation on the original (which I loved), and you know, it'll have the fantastical Morris sticker now too!

-If you're one of the many Lauren DeStefano fans who ripped into the final part of her Chemical Garden trilogy this week, then you'll be thrilled to hear about the big reveal of her SuperSecretStory, of which she's been hinting endlessly at on Twitter.  A Utopian, instead of Dystopian series, it sounds like it has all the makings of another sweeping world of beauty and tragedy that DeStefano is so very adept at.

-Aprilynn Pike has announced her annual epic Valentines contest.  It is easy to enter and has forty seven chances to win.  Insanity.

-Once again the amazing NYC Teen Author Festival will be hitting New York, and they've got another epic line up of talks and signings.  Oh how I wish NYC was more of a day drive!  Seriously, if you're anywhere in the neighbouring vicinity make sure to go.  The talks will be fantastic and it will be well worth your time.

-There was oodles of film/book news this week. First up, Lauren Kate's Fallen series has finally had movement on the films, a director has now been attached.  The Lauren Oliver TV show for Delirium has gotten a Lena casting, though there has also been word on the interwebs that the story is being drastically changed for the show.

-Cassie Clare did a multi-pronged announcement this week, there was an unidentified snippet, A Clockwork Princess app was introduced for extra content and such (ps- it was launched with the prologue to the book), info about the Clockwork Princess book trailer was announced, a Clockwork Princess Jem and Tessa moment snippet was released, and finally the cover and some info about the Shadowhunter's Codex was released.

-The info on the Marissa Meyer event in TO has finally been released, she'll be at Yorkdale mall on March 9th at noon.

-If you're looking to update your copies of some great classics like The Great Gatsby or say, Pride and Prejudice, then go no further than Pulp Classics, who've released a great line of pulped classic lit books.

-Bethany Griffin announced the title and a little bit about Glitter and Doom, the Masque of the Red Death novella coming out this winter/spring.  Sadly it was tempered with news of book two being pushed back to a June release date, you better stop holding your breath because you're not going to make it that long!

-Aimee Carter announced her next project this past week, it's a dystopian series that sounds really different from her goddess series, it'll be interesting to see how she writes this new genre.

-The producers of the Fault in our Stars movie have announced they're hoping to start production this summer, shocking, I know!  Looks like the theatres are going to be 50/50 split of YA and comic books in the next couple of years.

-Rick Riordan has brought his two epic MG series together with a short story that will be available in the new paperback edition of the last Kane Chronicles book.  I'm curious to see how he melds Percy and the Kane kids.

-Julie Kagawa's amazing book sale news of last week has been followed up with even more amazing news of a film deal for the same.  I'm now going to be able to brag that I chatted up Julie about how she was training her chickens to do tricks before she got crazy famous.

-BEA has started announcing its line ups for the author breakfasts, and the children's one this year looks like it's going to be epic!  I will console myself with the fact I've met both Rick Riordan and Veronica Roth before.

-Alexandra Brakens sequel to the Darkest Minds had a title and  info release this week.  The details behind the title were very intriguing to say the least.

-Holly Black had a cover reveal for her much anticipated Coldest Girl in Coldtown this week and it was so appropriately stark and fantastic.  There was also the book blurb.

-Stephen King released more details on the Shinning prequel that's forth coming, it has the fans of his old work frothing at the mouth.

And that's it kids! Hope you made it through alive, god knows I need a nap from posting it all!


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