Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Link Salad

Oh boy howdy, do I have linkage galore for you!  Pull up a comfy reading spot, a bit of liquid support, and make sure your fingers are warmed up and ready to go.

-USA Today had the exclusive cover and excerpt reveal of Gayle Forman's Just one Year, the sequel to Just One Day.  I can't look since I haven't had a chance to read Just One Day yet, so shhh! Don't tell me!

-If like me, you fell in love with Megan Miranda's writing with her debut, Fracture last year, then you'll love Figment's latest Writing Challenge, as it starts with a blurb from Miranda about her writing process.

-Dark Triumph, the companion/sequel to Robin LaFevers Grave Mercy, has tour dates and locales!  
Sadly none in Canada.  I am so looking forward to this book, Grave Mercy was just so fantastical!

-Are you, or do you know a teen in Toronto who likes to write? Then the Toronto Public Library has the march break class for them!  Four excellent writing classes to choose from, each run by a published author, I'm wondering if somehow I can blend in with a bunch of 15 year olds?

-In advance of the chapter reveal coming this week, Cassandra Clare has revealed a Clockwork Princess snippet. Also an unidentified snippet, just to wet your appetite further.  I will not comment on the trailer, or how they keep using the same obnoxious media tweet campaign for each of these reveals. I have one word for you, unfollow.

-The Delirium TV show has had more casting news, and once again I have no idea who the character is, neither of them.  I am very obviously going to be lost when Requiem comes out in the next couple of weeks.  Anyone have some coles notes?!  Speaking of Delirium, they've done another cover change for the series.  Now they've gone back and changed Delirium's paperback cover so that it jives with the following two better.  They still don't match exactly, so I'm not entirely sure what the thought process behind the change was.  I have to go on record as saying I greatly preferred the original Blue cover with the face underneath.  But whose asking me, right?

-If you were one of the many folks sucked in by the Richard III discovery a few weeks ago then The Guardian has a fascinating article about the Princes in the Tower to feed your curiosity.

-Toni DiTerlizzi has released the title and ball park release date of Book three in the WondLa series- The Battle for WondLa.  Book one and two have been read and loved by the hubby, but it's one of those series I'm woefully behind on.  Thank goodness I have all of this year to catch up!

-The Cover to Dan Browns newest, Inferno, was released this week.  It looks promising!

-Jackson Pearce had some exciting news this week, she has a new book set for 2014 Tsarina, releasing under a pen name. Interesting no? No comments on why a pen name, so now I'm dying of curiosity.

-Stephanie Meyer is hitting the road a la book signing tour for The Host to drum up excitement for the movie. I know, right? Lets hear about a book 2 already lady, stop beating The Host to death. It's what? 6 or 7 years old now? Anyhoots, she'll be in Vancouver at Indigo for her one and only Canadian stop.  It's this week if you're an avid fan who lives in BC!

-In the madness that is the rush for YA books turned into films (hollywood does beating something to death better than anyone people, anyone) The Fault in Our Stars has landed a Director, and is therefore, that much closer to being made.

-Eoin Colfer has a new MG novel coming out, and PW has the review to prove it.

- This week the Audies and the Nebula Awards were announced.  I don't do audio books, however The Bloggess (who was terrified of doing her own audio book) was nominated!  The Nebulas have quite a number of authors I love being nominated, check out the full list.  Think Libba Bray and Rachel Hartman.

-Cheri Priest is getting into the YA game with the announcement of her first YA book. YAY! Love the Priest in all her various books, can't wait to read her YA.

And that's a wrap folks!  Saturday forth and make sure to stop by tomorrow for the 3rd annual Book Oscars!!

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