Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Link Salad

Once again I am behind, oh you bloody scheduled blog posts, why must you run out?!  I am, like usual full of excuses, but let me just distract you with NEWS and we'll pretend my posting holes never happened, OK? 
I'm having a GIRL
That is right, the absolute longing of virtually every family member and friend has apparently held sway.  The hubby keeps telling everyone "you're welcome!".  I suspect the avalanche of frilly pink dresses should start any day now, with a few sets of leopard print things thrown in by my mom.
We found out Friday and have been sighing a sigh of relief from the close escape from hockey and football gear, but likewise fussing about boys and boobs.  As Harry Connick Jr. said, we now have to worry about all the penises.

But enough about me! You're here to catch up on bookish news and I have oodles for you.  So grab your favorite aperitif and dig in.

-Kiera Cass released her first teaser from her forthcoming enovella, The Prince.

-Gina Damico revealed the cover of Rogue, the final part in her super fun series, as well as the blurb.  She's also celebrating with a giveaway so if you haven't read part two yet (Scorch) then make sure you enter to win.

-This is slightly shocking, but the Spiderwick series is celebrating it's tenth anniversary (I know right?!) and are being re-released with new anniversary covers.  They're pretty sweet, but I still love my classic ones.

-If , like me, you're a huge fan of Gail Carringer then you'll want to make sure to check out the awesome website for her new series the Finishing School books.  Coming out later this week, Etiquette and Espionage is part the first to this series, and if my raving isn't good enough to sell you then stop by Gails blog for list of many others ravishing reviews.  Obviously Gail does nothing but write prolifically, because even though Etiquette is days from releasing, she's already announced the cover, title and likely release date for book the second!

-Movie news about Divergent continues to trickle through the grapevine, with the latest rumors saying Kate Winslet is in talks to join the cast.  No theories on as whom yet, but just hearing Kate might be involved peaks my interest.

-Megan Miranda's next book, Hysteria, releases this week, and in anticipation she's released the book trailer and is running a contest.  Deadline is the 4th, so make sure to check it out today!

-In all likely hood you've heard of Issac Marion's Warm Bodies, either because you've read the book (loved it), heard about the controversy over the authors abhorrence of it being labeled YA, or you've seen something about the movie that came out this weekend.  One way or another you'll want to check out Marion's new Enovella, released last week, which is the prologue to Warm Bodies and warming his readers up for the release of book the second in the series.

-Julie Kagawa has had a bevy of news this week, first up was the back flap of the Eternity Cure, with a new and improved Allie (read, more Asian).  Quickly followed with HUGE signing news! She signed a multi book, multi figure (7!!) deal with Harlequin for a new series starting 2015. Wow!  Good news to her fans and even better news for Julie!  There was also something about a kickstarter campaign but I never did see the release on that, if you did let me know!

-Mundie Mom's had an exclusive City of Heavenly Fire snippet for the MTV Movie Brawl Poll, and Cassie posted a delectable Clockwork Princess teaser for the same.

-The movie adaptation of The Host has a quickly approaching release date, so the Hollywood Report got answers to the 10 burning questions readers have about the adaptation. Honestly? I'm just so annoyed there's still no indication of book two that I'm sort of over The Host, which is too bad since I really liked it.

-Robin Wasserman spent the better part of a week tantalizing us with teasers from her forthcoming horror novel (releasing in the fall) before debuting the cover art over on Mundie Moms.  Check out her Tumblr for the teasers (there's quite a few, so make sure to scroll all the way back!), the cover is also now on the top of her Tumblr as well.

Now go forth and Sunday onwards!