Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Link Salad

Oh Saturday, where do you come from and rush off to so very quickly?  We hardly ever have any time to hang out anymore!  This is what happens when you don't feel well, take a nap and don't really function until 4pm.  Oh well!  I still have linkage, and it is grand and filled with fun, intriguing and pretty things.  So pull up some sustenance and dig in.

-Another week full of cover reveals and snippets.  Some more interesting than others (I'm looking at you gorgeous cover reveal for Leigh Bardugo's Siege and Storm, and giveaway that sadly doesn't work for Canadians even though it supposedly does), and some decidedly obnoxious (I'm looking at you Simon and Schuster! Enough already with the tweet to reveal Cassie Clare promos, Ugh! You are starting to make me regret loving her books.  I'm still going to read the first chapter of Clockwork Princess, but if I see the that hash tag EVER AGAIN, it will be too soon).  There was also lengthy Clockwork Princess snippet released in the lead up to the horrendous hashtag debacle, at this rate I won't need to buy the book on March 19th, I'll have read half of it regardless!

-The spectacular cover and title to book two of Victoria Schwab's The Archived had a big reveal with a giveaway this week. I love how they've maintained the old hotel look to the covers. I can hardly wait until next year!

-Never Fade, the second part to The Darkest Minds released its publishing date and back cover blurb.

-Tessa Grattons long awaited, and much talked about 1st part in her United States of Asgard series had  a big title, cover and full cover reveal this week.  I can't wait to get my hands on this one, it promises to be spectacular.

-The first chapter of Rick Yancey's highly anticipated 5th Wave went up online over on the penguin site.  As if we needed more excuses to covet this May release!

-The cover and blurb for the next Ellen Hopkins book, Smoke has been revealed.

-The Stephanie Perkins series (Anna and the French Kiss, etc.) set the interwebs in a furor this week when they release the last books cover, and a complete design change for the whole series.  I have to say, I like the covers better, however I do understand the annoyance from fans.  I posted some thoughts on how publishers might assuage people.

-If your one of the many lucky attendees for this years BEA, then make sure to head over and check out the author breakfast line ups!  They've been fully announced now, including MC's.

-A great article was published this week about ghost writing, by none other than one of two of the most prolific Sweet Valley High ghost writers.  It was fascinating and fun, and as one of the girls who voraciously read her work it was intriguing to see behind the curtain to the girl who wrote so many of my favourites. I think the next time the hubby roles his eyes at my vast SVH collection I'm going to point out that at least half of them were written by a Oxford Phd candidate.  It definitely classes up the collection!

-Harry Potter and some of its more ideal inventions are one step closer to becoming real!  This past week an invisibility cloak was presented at the TED conference in LA.

-More casting announcements for the Delirium TV show, and I think I can officially say I've totally lost interest now.  I mean, if I can't generate an opinion over Alex, then obviously I'm bored.

-Finally, the big reveal of Stephen Kings sequel to The Shining was done this past week.  What do you think? The hubby is disappointed it doesn't look more like the original book.

And that's a wrap folks!  Saturday forth and enjoy your weekends!


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