Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Link Salad

I have been plague ridden for the past couple of weeks, as you may have noticed from my complete absence from the blog and the twitterverse.  But I have stashed away a handful of links for your consumption, some are a little old, but alas!  They're still good, I swear.  So pull up a chair and some hand sanitizer, and lets get linking.

-Last night the facebook fanpage for Leigh Bardugo's highly anticipated Siege and Storm hit 3000 Likes, and in celebration they released the second chapter, so now both one and two are up for consumption.  Be still my heart, June is way too far away still!

-Speaking of sneak peeks, Liz Norris has released an excerpt from Undone, the sequel to Unravelling which was a surprise BEA find for me last spring and which I LOVED.

-Are you like me and behind on the rash of releases from the past month?  Then Shelf Life has the teaser for you! An exclusive preview of Kiera Cass's Enovella The Prince, which is a companion to her debut The Selection.

-Still not sneak peaked out?  Well good, because Hypable has the first few chapters of Rick Yancey's exciting May thriller- The 5th Wave!  I've heard nothing but rave reviews from early readers, and the hubby and I are both jonesing to get our hands on this one!

-Are you one of the many people who are anticipating the Bane Chronicles almost as much as Clockwork Princesse's release? Then Cassie has taken a snippets worth of sympathy for you.

-If you loved The Archived then you'll be excited to hear Schwab has a stunning sounding adult novel due out this year.  Tor did an intriguing post on how the cover came to be.

-Apparently since J.K. Rowling's A Casual Vacancy was a crashing bore, Little Brown decided to stop pretending it wasn't for the new paperback cover.  No jokes, it's even less exciting then the original red and yellow cover.

-Are you dying to see what happened after the big Prom scene in Burn for Burn? Well you're one step closer no that they've revealed the cover art to the sequel, Fire with Fire.

-Were you confused as to why Chris Columbus decided to write a kids book? Well he talks about what inspired it in a Huffington Post article recently.

-Finally, after many rumours, it was finally announced that Kate Winslet has confirmed her casting in the Divergent film.  I CANNOT wait to see her play Jeanine!

And that's it, that's all folks!  Make sure to wash your hands well, you do not want my cold, I promise you!


  1. I'm glad you're back. Being sick while pregnant is really hard! You can't take anything. Thanks for the news. Always entertaining.

  2. Ugh, tell me about it! Alas, not too much longer to go now ;)