Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey hour 5.5

Spring has finally decided to make an appearance in Toronto, which means hour 4 was dedicated to a walk in the park.  So fellow read-a-thoners, don't worry, I got enough exercise for all of us! Hour 3 was me prepping our slow cooked dinner, which should really count as reading as I had to read the recipe several times to get it all straight.  Apparently my prowess in the kitchen is under trial this weekend, and I didn't want dinner to turn into the chemistry experiment that the zucchini loaf became!
Tonight we're having Santa Fe Meatloaf a la American Test Kitchen Slow Cooking Cookbook.  It involved various fussiness I usually don't have time for in slow cooking, such as turning my slow cooker into a 1950's era martian.
So far it smells delicious so it will hopefully be well worth the effort.

I have finished book 1! Just One Day, was just as spectacular as everyone was making it out to be.  Excellent starter for a day of reading!
Upon returning from the park we dug into some snack-age, Drumsticks and then chips and dip, and I sunk my teeth into the start of Castle Waiting, compilation the second.

I think some devilled eggs might be in my future.

Progress so far:
Pages read: 215 since last check in, 344 since my 10am start
Snacks enjoyed since last check in: 2
1 fabulous hour long walk in the park
1 less fabulous hour prepping meatloaf dinner.

Read-a-thon onwards!


  1. Congrats on your progress so far! The walk sounds like a great idea, very rejuvenating. Happy readathon!

  2. Deviled eggs sound great, as does getting up and moving around. I just might take a minute to do that myself.