Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey Read-a-thon Update, hour 11

The kitties are starting to get serious about this read-a-thon business,

 Opal and Cheddar are passed out on either end of the sofa chaise lounge and Thurman is on the one across the way.  
Dinner has been had (it was delicious, thanks American Test Kitchen!) and a half hour reprieve has been taken to watch The Office.

I've moved on to book three, Wonderstruck, which the hubby liked less than The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but which I'm kind of liking more (for the moment anyhow, it's very mysterious).  I was going to pick up a wordier book but decided I would save that till later tonight.

The hubbster had a quick attempt at a nap, his comment was it was Marathon, he had to conserve energy.  By which he means he's totally going to flake out on me by 11pm.

Progress so far!
2 books completed
Pages read since last sign in: 417
Pages read today: 761
Foodstuffs consumed? Devilled eggs!

Santa Fe Meat Loaf with mixed veggie side.

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