Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey update, hour 13.5

There is a general vibe of sleepy going on in this house hold.  I tell no lies.  Except for Opal, who has gotten a second wind and is very, very hyper.  God help us all.

The hubby and I have decided to take this read-a-thon to bed. Neither of us slept well last night, and I might have mentioned, I am VERY pregnant at the moment.  Which means I get tremendously uncomfortable sitting for long periods, so laying down should be the perfect solution right?!

Progress so far!
3 Books finished!
Pages read since last check in: 447 (god that sounds AMAZING! Brian Selznick is awesome for read-a-thon word counts, also- good stories)
Total pages read so far: 1208
Book number 4 started: The Girl Who Circumvented Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making.  Whimsical and delightful, though tiny, tight print that will be the death of my word count.
Snacks eaten: Tea and chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Yum.
Sadly pregnant lady indigestion will kill all attempts at further snack-age tonight.

I may get up to check in with a later word count. Maybe. We'll see how sleepy bed makes me.

Now sally forth and read onwards my worthy a-thoners!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great read-a-thon-- reading-wise and snack-wise.

  2. Finishing the readathon in bed sounds good to me. It's the day after the event but I just wanted to pop by again to say congratulations on a great readathon!

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