Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey update, hour 3

It is 1:18pm, a sound brunch of chocolate zucchini loaf, berries and coffee has been consumed, a BLT lunch has also been enjoyed, and 129 pages has been read.  The hubby refuses to count his pages, he's worried he'll look slow.
I'm nearing the big ending of Just One Day and it's getting harder and harder to put down!  Kitties have been napping but are starting to get the hypers, and the day is looking lovely out.  We may have to take this reading on the road and catch some sunshine while it's out there.
The slightly faulty zucchini loaf.  I had to make it twice yesterday due to baby brain. First batch I forgot the flower and second batch I decided to do one loaf instead of two and couldn't get the inside to cook. Alas, it wasn't perfect, but still tasty!

This is Thurman telling me it's time to go have a shower already.  

Hours reading: 3
Pages read: 129
Yummies consumed:
Coffee, chocolate zucchini loaf, BLT, two devilled eggs (snack for later I just couldn't resist!)