Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Link Salad!

I've brunched, I've cleaned the house in anticipation of the hubbies return tomorrow and now if Opal will give me a few minutes, I'll share this weeks Linkage goodness.  So you know, pray for me, because Opal is not generally accommodating to blogging, as you may note by my intermittent blogging these past few months.  Every time I sit down to the computer she demands play time, OR ELSE!!  She's a clever boots so her or else's are pretty destructive generally.  I think I'll rent her out as toddler practice, make some extra money for my boundless patience.  You've never witnessed my teeth gnashing and hair pulling so I can say things like, boundless patience, and get away with it.

-BEA is practicing torturing me by posting a preview of it's signings! Agggh!!! Victoria Schwab will be signing Vicious and Elizabeth Wein will be there with Code Name Verity's companion novel Rose Under Fire!!! Cinda Williams Chima will be signing The Enchanted Heir!! Sarah Dessen signing the Moon and More! Kat Zhang, Once We Were, be still my heart.  This baby better appreciate my bookish fun sacrifice.

-The Day after revealing the Fierce Reads tour for this summer, a Toronto Stop was added!  Because of my infinite Leigh Bardugo love, there might have been a bit of extreme excitement. it's 9 days before my due date, totally doable!  Check out all the stops, and the authors for each stop, on their facebook page.

-Speaking of Leigh Bardugo, you may have noticed the badge that went up on my blog yesterday.  I was delighted to get an email from the lovely folks at MacMillan letting me know I'll be featured in their blogger shout out in the paperback of Shadow and Bone!  I couldn't be more flattered, since it was one of my favourite reads of 2012.

-Even more exciting?  The trailer for Siege and Storm went up this week over on EW's Shelf Life, and it's Epic.  Which is saying something, because I'm not generally a book trailer fan.

-Speaking of reveals, Hollywood Crush revealed the cover to Julie Kagawa's latest, The Iron Traitor.  I liked that they went back to the original look of the first series instead of the slightly arty version for the Lost Prince.

-The Toronto Public Libraries latest exhibit is a cool one, Ray Bradbury memorabilia including several first editions one of them being Fahrenheit 451.  If this interests you make sure to check their up coming event schedule as well since I hear their going to have a bunch of Fahrenheit 451 debates and discussions.

-Maggie Stiefvater announced some fun news in relation to her Curiosities release from last year, as well as details about the paperback of Scorpio Races and some of the extras you can find in it.

-Finally, the Guardian had a super intriguing article about the ring which quite possibly inspired the ONE ring in Lord of the Rings.

And that's the news for this week!  Make sure to come back tomorrow for the belated, promised spoilers discussion post for Clockwork Princess, also, reviews! I gots some finally!! I know, I can hardly believe it either.

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