Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Link Salad

Oh hello Sunday, where did you come rushing up from?  One day I'm sitting around, minding my own business on a Thursday afternoon, and suddenly it's Sunday.  Oh wait, right, there was excitement, busyness, a signing and some cozy down time snuggling with kitties and reading.  Never mind then!

It's been a crazy fun week.  On Thursday my e-reader withholding came to an end with the arrival of my shiny new Kobo Aura HD (kindly sent to me by the lovely folks at Kobo for review purposes).  I know, might as well start my e-reading adventures with a bang hey?  It popped through my mail slot on a lovely afternoon just as I was about to adventure out on a walk, and I instead spent the next hour setting it up and playing with it.  I was in the middle of several review books, so I won't have read anything on it until I start an e-short story tonight.  I can hardly wait to put the new toy to use, and have visions of being able to read mammoth books on it without crushing my imminently arriving child.  I'm sure she'd rather not be used as a book stand to G.R.R Martin's hardcover GoT books (the likely starting books for my early nursing days).  Then Thursday night was the Jennifer Nielsen signing at Chapters, which was delightful.  On Friday the hubby and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by eating lots of delicious food, checking out an intriguing early Renaissance exhibit at the AGO, reading and of course, exchanging books for presents.  Saturday involved some meal planning for the week, and of course for the forthcoming Dewey Read-a-Thon (which both the hubby and I will be participating in).  We've been working on our stamina by having various mini-read-a-thon days where we practice lounging, reading and eating delectably.  Opal has been training up wonderfully, and happily participating by sleeping on the couch with us and the other cats.  Hopefully this means there will no hyper demands next Saturday.  So far I haven't narrowed down my proposed reads, but I have a pretty solid idea of the snacks and meals we'll be digging into.  Someone may have to roll me into work on the following Monday.

Now down to the news!

-Rick Riordan has announced he'll be writing a new book narrated by Percy Jackson.  This time around it won't be about him, but his take on the classic myths.  What a wonderful way to introduce the middle grade set to the ancient lore!

-Adrienne Kress has announced her next YA read, it's called Outcast and it'll be releasing June 2013.  The first few pages and cover are posted over on Scribd.

-The IFOA and PEN Canada have announced the BIG author event launching this years festival.  Stephen King and his son Owen will be here talking about their forthcoming novels, for Stephen this is the highly anticipated sequel to The Shinning, Doctor Sleep.  At a 100$ per ticket I was disappointed to see it was a moderated talk only and didn't even include a signing, but I suppose if you're a HUGE fan this will still be exciting.

-Carrie Ryan has announced her next project, and it's another co-operative one.  Her and her husband have started a middle grade four part series tentatively titled the Pirate Stream

-USA today made a big fuss about the reveal of the final Divergent books title.  There seemed to be a lot of opinions on what it could mean, what did you think?

-Hypable revealed the cover and snippet for the fourth part in Cinda Chima Williams Heir series.  That's right, after much clamouring from fans this trilogy is now a four parter.  Apparently part four will be at the BEA with Chima herself signing.

-The movie tie-in covers for the Mortal Instruments were revealed on Shelf Life this week.  Generally speaking I don't like movie covers, but these are pretty sleek.  I think I might like them better than the originals.

-Finally, the first sneak peek trailer for Catching Fire released this week.  As usual it looks impressive, are you excited to see where they take this franchise?

Now go forth, and Sunday onwards! May it be full of food, fun and reading.