Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Great BIG Spoilers Discussion Post for Clockwork Princess!

I know! I promised it for Tuesday and here it is Sunday!  But now it is here and you forgive me, right?  Obviously this post is going to a spoilers mega-fest so if you have not read CP yet then for gods sake! DO NOT READ FURTHER!  But for those of you who are dying to dish then come one, come all!

Lets get this started with some basics.  Who expected the death toll to be higher? And were any of you disappointed by this?  I read all of Cassie's ominous posts leading up to the release and I expected Max-like deaths, or better.  I KNOW! I'm ridiculously blood-thirsty, but you know- war and all of that, I thought gruesome casualties.  And Henry's loss of the use of his legs seemed like a weak effort in the travesty department.  So who did you expect to die?

Did anyone else feel like there was some serious Will threatening foreshadowing that never came to bear?  I spent the first half of the book cringing thinking "oh god, this is how she's going to turn the tables on us!  Will is going to die and then JEM IS GOING TO DIE! AND THEY WILL ALL BE DEAD EXCEPT TESSA!!!  So I was pretty shocked when, you know, everyone lived. Even Jem.  Maybe that was the point?  Tell me, did you see that coming?

Also, and this is intriguing, Cassie spent a lot of time telling fans that Jem would never become a Silent Brother or a Vampire. I thought maybe I had gone insane and imagined it until I found this post she did on Tumblr about it.  So did anyone else feel cheated when he became a Silent Brother?  I briefly felt cheated, that fibber pants Cassie Clare!  Though I thought her explanation was rather good, so I got over it.

Which brings me to my next question.  Brother Zachariah....Is he in City of Glass? My mom has my copy so I can't check.  His mysterious reference at the end of CP to "Another story of Lightwoods and Herondales and Fairchilds." is that some hint of things to come in City of Heavenly Fire or was that a reference to something in CoG I don't remember?  Also, I didn't think you could revert from being a Silent Brother. Colour me intrigued on this explanation.

I very much liked how Tessa and Magnus came together in the end, as the two immortals, and I am now craving the Bane Chronicles that much more. But how is it that Church is still alive?? Did anyone else wonder how he went from a mopey cat moving away with Magnus to the cat in the Institute in New York during Clary's time?  Trust me to focus in on the cat.

Of course the bittersweet ending has me dying to know if anyone was unhappy with the final way this unique love triangle worked out.  I have to say it's the only love triangle I've ever really believed in before, and I certainly have been hearing rumours of the same feels on the interwebs from fans.  I'm curious if any of you felt ripped off by it at all.  Did anyone want a clear choice?  And is anyone else wondering if Jem and Tessa will have a family?  I mean, is she too old now?  Or would she feel weird about having another family now that hers is centuries old?  That would be odd, but I didn't get the impression she paid any attention to them anymore (even odder?).  What are your thoughts about this.

Now dish, what were your feels, confusion or insights to this great wrap up of the Infernal Devices?  I'm dying to know!


  1. I like the ending. Like you, it was one of the few love triangles I didn't mind. I even ugly cried a few times!

    1. oh ugly cry! I know you so well ;)

  2. I actually liked how she ended it, I've heard from a lot of people that didn't, but for me this love triangle totally made sense. There was a lot of crying and I did not see Jem becoming a Silent Brother at all with how much he was opposed to it in the other books. I was definitely expecting more to die and I did feel a little cheated with that. But I definitely thought this book was a perfect ending to the series.

  3. I liked how she ended it as well. At first I felt a little ripped off that she didn't chose one or the other. But the more I thought about it the more it grew on me. Otherwise I think it would have been sort of tragic for Will to die and Tessa to be all alone.
    I do wish however that she would have explained why Jem was able to stop being a Silent Brother.

  4. ME TOO! About the Jem quitting the Silent Brothers.

  5. I did like the ending. At first I thought it was a cop out to have Jem be with Tessa finally. But then I thought, he has a chance to live too now. Interesting and different take on a love triangle. And like you said in your first review, the love story wasn't over angsty or annoying. Which I love! :) And am I crazy, or was Jem/Brother Zachariah in a previous book with Jace and Clary?