Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Link Salad with Baby brewing updates!

I am simply weeks behind on my link salads! Weeks I tell you!  Alas, changes to my work schedule have temporarily limited my ability to keep track of the latest and hottest news so I thought I'd save some up and give you a solid helping all at once.  I think I might have saved up a little too much make sure you're fortified with coffee or booze before digging in.

-For those of you who are venturing to NYC this week, I wish you good luck and much fun.  Also, should you run into Elizabeth Wein signing her Rose Under Fire or Victoria Schwab signing Vicious then make sure to give them hugs and send me a photo, all the while knowing I'm dying of jealousy (PS- I won't say no to a copy of either of those books or of the final Dragon Heir book if by chance you find yourself with a copy you don't know what to do with ;))!  Also, if I can make one extra curricular activity suggestion, to your packed schedule, let me recommend the Teen Author Carnival which is always fun, intimate and full of fab authors.  Books of Wonder also has a wealth of great events, and you know, its a fab bookstore and within walking distance of both The Strand and The Shake Shack, so an evening worth doing while in NYC any time of year.

-For those of you, who like me, can't go BEA-ing this year for one reason or another then here's a few suggestions to keep you from mopping all week. The Armchair BEA is on once again and bigger and better than ever!  I'm going to try to chime in when I can, and I can't wait for some of fun to begin.  But if you're still dragging your feet thinking of all the great books you're missing then head on over to Katie's Book Blog and check out her clearing her shelves giveaway.  Also Jen from YA romantics has kindly put together a Netgalley and Edleweiss list of Arcs that are available to us non-BEA attenders, because although they won't be signed, you can still get most of the ARC's from your publishing contacts! While you're drowning your sorrows, may I recommend imbibing some of  The Londoner's slutty brownie.  I made it this weekend and I may have felt the most pregnant of the past 8.5 months while in line at the grocery store buying a fudgey brownie mix, a chocolate chip cookie mix and a box of Oreo's.  It was worth every knowing look I got, I swear.
-Still bummed about missing all the NYC/Bookish goodness?  Well then head on over to the Facebook page for the Grisha trilogy where Leigh Bardugo will sweep you off your feet with some extra content, or over to shelf-life for a peek at an excerpt from The Dream Thieves, part two in The Raven Boys.  I'm telling you, between these two tidbits and the slutty brownies you'll be saying "BEA who?"

-Do you have a cat that's just dying to have it's moment of fame? Well now's your chance!  Quirkbooks is looking for some photogenic cats for a forthcoming book.  Sadly I don't live in the cities they're hitting up, which really, is their loss.  I mean, you've seen my cats right?

-In case you were living under a rock this week and didn't hear about the annotated and illustrated first edition of The Philosophers Stone that J.K. Rowling gave out for a PEN auction then make sure you head over to the Guardian to drool a little over the 200, 000$+ sale of this lovely gem.

- Some slightly older news that you may have missed?  Carrie Ryan has announced her new YA book deal, that's right! Finally a YA Carrie Ryan book, I can hardly wait!  Graceling, has movie news, which is only surprising because I can't believe it wasn't picked up sooner. Cassie Clare pulled a Clockwork Princess cut scene out of the bag, it's quite enjoyable, even if it's to prove a point about how sometimes the editing process forces change to scenes for continuity or to improve the story line later in the book. And Marie Lu's final part in her Legend trilogy, Champion has had a cover reveal

In Rhiannon news, I am officially 35 weeks along in pregnancy speak now, which to the unlearned means I'm at the extremely large and extremely uncomfortable final 5 weeks.  Two lovely friends threw me the most charming baby shower yesterday a la Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party theme, complete with a Hookah!  It was fun, and pretty and uber delicious, and now I wish I could have Mad Hatter Tea parties thrown for me all the time.
this is four of us laughing about something or other, and a bit blurry for everyones identification protection- you know, in case they're undercover or something.
The kitties are continuing to love baby presents, which come with boxes and bags and tissue paper Oh My!
Opal has taken to crawling under the blankets while I'm sleeping and communing with the infant inconvenience by snuggling up to my belly and purring until the baby starts to kick and squirm, at which point Opal gives my tummy a little lick hello.  Oh if only they could have such sweet, quiet interactions after she's born as well!

The hubby has begun "nesting" in earnest and I oscillate between feeling like there's absoloutely no rush, and doing nothing, and stressing about all the things that still need to happen (generally at work or while trying to sleep, you know, the times when I really can't be productive and do anything, so totally non-helpful stress).  I think this might mean that the hubster is already aces at this parenting thing and I'm bringing the curve down.

Sybil says hi
Of course, it hardly needs saying, but I am still infinetly behind on my reviews, the reading has kept a pace but alas, reviewing has become a difficult thing to fit in lately.  Hopefully there will be some solid catch up in a couple weeks when I start my mat leave and have a tiny bit of wiggle room on my hands pre-sleep deprivation/newborn arrival.  One can hope!  Until then, as always, thanks for sticking with me on the quieter blog days, I am blowing you all the kisses!


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