Friday, May 10, 2013

The Return of Feline Fridays!

It has been FAR too long since my last Feline Friday post, and lest you think I've started neglecting my furry babies in anticipation of the non-furry babies arrival, I thought it was about time I get back to it!  

 The kids are either blissfully unaware or somewhat bemused by the baby prep in the household.  The boxes of gifts that have started to arrive are endlessly amusing,
 my greatly growing belly is constantly in the way of cuddles, and for Thurman- treats (he head butts my tummy to get at treats), the wee parasite has kicked Cheddar during a snuggle which he found shocking but sort of fun, she's also kicked Deliah in mid-cuddle and was deftly ignored (one of dilly's specialties).  But other than that it is so far a non-event for them, as they carry on being endlessly spoiled and loved, enjoying long naps in the sunshine and most recently, a return to back yard visits.  

People keep asking what the cats will think when we bring this new little terror home.  My answer is this:
Cheddar is going to love her.  He loves everyone, and is particularly enamoured by diaper changes.  He has offered to clean up babies bottoms in the past.  Though I doubt he'll enjoy the crying.  He also is likely to want to sleep with her in her crib, which is one reason we've put off buying and setting up the crib, no need to suggest it's a big cat bed before her arrival!

Deliah will greatly dislike her, and she will be infinitely annoyed at us for bringing her home to dilly's sanctuary.  There will be cold shoulders and sulking.  She will loath the crying and stay as far away as possible.  By about 6 months she'll have forgiven us, and although she may never love the baby, she'll likely be as snugly with us as she was prior to the infamous arrival.  So in other words, she'll treat this child like every foster and adoption we've brought into the house.

Thurman will be weirded out.  She is going to have what is currently his room, and his beloved Futon will be tossed to make room for her stuff.  He's not going to be impressed by this.  He'll also probably find her somewhat freaky, especially when she cries.  However, as it becomes obvious that she'll be a constant source of food, he'll decide she's awesome.

Opal is more like Cheddar, and although she won't likely be quite as instantly social, she will be curious and I imagine down right accepting in no time.  She likes to groom, and I suspect she'll find the baby a constant source of bathing opportunities.

We've always worried about what our beloved cats would think if we ever went ahead and started procreating.  There's no way our pets, some of many, many years, were going to get neglected the minute we brought a baby home.  Without a doubt, we'll be going to great lengths to make this change as easy as possible for them.  We've also got the added benefit of past practice going for us.  Our cats had three years of revolving fosters coming through the house, and all of them except for Opal has lived through at least one new addition to the furry family, so they're all used to frequent change.
In the end I suspect outside of the crying (pretty much going to be universally disliked by us and them) it will be a bit of novelty but a non-event.  And since she may be here as early as 4 weeks from now, we'll soon see!  Wish us luck! And, you know, sleep.


  1. as the grandma-to-be this was a great read! No doubt I am way more excited about the impending transition at your house. I won't even mind the crying - I can always go home!

    1. Lucky, I think I might need a lady cave to hide out from the crying from time to time! It's going to be pretty exciting though, noisy or not!

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