Monday, June 10, 2013

Calling all aspiring to-be-published authors! Check out the Next Big YA Book Contest!

Hipso is looking for the NEXT BIG YA BOOK, and they may just be looking for you!  If you have a completed manuscript that's not already represented or published elsewhere then here's your big chance to get a foot in the door.
This is what you get if you win:
- A publishing contract with Hipso
- Your book available as an eBook on all major retailers - Kindle, NOOK, iBooks, Kobo, Sony, etc.
- A badge to next year’s BOOK EXPO AMERICA
- A book signing at next year’s BOOK EXPO AMERICA
- A ‘BOOK BLAST’ blog tour, which will be posted on 50 blogs.
- Exclusive front-page podcast on (which gets close to a million hits a year)
- Customized downloadable Bookmarks from Gina @ Behind A Million and One Pages
- 15 advance author copies-The option of digitally enhancing their eBook with photos, music, videos, etc…

If you think your YA manuscript is the little book that can (but hasn't already) then head on over to the submissions page between today and July 10th. 
Best of Luck to All!


  1. Very cool. Will have to pass this along to some people I know

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  3. That's great! I'll spread it to others, so many will be able to join. :)

    Ann@Blogging Profits Unleashed

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