Thursday, August 8, 2013

In which I still don't have a review for you...but I get closer?

I have only one excuse. She' 9lbs these days and highly demanding, also she prefers sleeping on me to sleeping in a bed, making typing challenging. The good news is she has her own blog so you can mostly ignore her if kids aren't your thing, the bad news is that I have blogged elsewhere, 3 times. In my defence it is my way of test driving Wordpress, while simultaneously keeping friends and family happy with constant updates and photos without having to resize and reformat them with every email.           I felt like being clever and called it , I have had very little sleep recently.

Because there's a shortage of things I can reach or do while stranded on the couch, I have spent a great deal of time on twitter.  I have been amused by the latest J.K Rowling drama, and enlightened by Book Riots thoughts on the issue (I have not read the book so my opinions are not very educated, which is not to say I don't have them, just that I won't plague you with them). I have witnessed a myriad of cover reveals and title announcements, the best of which has totally been Cress, so far, and I've of course been trying to avoid the endless amount of talk about The Mortal Instruments premiere.  Seriously, this could be Twilight all over again, ugh.

And sometimes I even read!  Most recently I've finished The School For Good and Evil (fun), and parts one and two of quarantine (gory and gorier).  I DNFed The Oathbreakers Shadow, which bored me to tears (unexpected, and disappointing since many seemed to love it). My shelves have recently been weighed down by a wealth of fall books kindly forwarded by publishers who have not given up on this terribly quiet blog, and I'm starting to find it hard to decide what to read next.

But enough about me! How has your summer been so far?


  1. I think you have the best excuse for not blogging a lot lately :)

    And I'm sad that you didn't like The Oathbreaker's Shadow - I really loved it BUT you're not the first person I know to DNF it. That Book Riot article was really interesting and while I didn't agree with all of it (I actually like the US cover) it raised some good points. Thanks for linking!