Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Victoria Schwab to Toronto for a signing!

It's come up a couple of times now, on Twitter, that there's a whole lot of readers in TO (and the surrounding areas) who would love to see Victoria Schwab at a Toronto event.  So recently it was suggested, by Victoria herself actually, that if we could get a petition with 50-70 signatures on it then she would go to her publisher and see what she could do.  Now, 50-70 seems kind of sad, I'm guessing we can do better than that.
Therefore: I challenge you to head over to More Than Just Magic and sign on, then get all your friends to sign on as well.  If we can reach 100 signatures or more I'm going to give away a prize pack of her published works, signed if we can swing it!

So go forth my darlings and prove we love Victoria Schwab in Canada. And in case you need further coercing, check out my review of The Archived. Spoiler alert, I loved it.