Saturday, October 12, 2013

6:03pm update

Its a beautiful fall day here, so a walk was required. Also, we needed food for dinner.  While out we bought the baby vampire, who loathes the bright sun, a pair of sunglasses.  She digs the sunglasses.

Status so far:
Candy has officially been started.
Walk has been had.
The Transfer, a divergent short story, has been completed (book 4 of the day)
Fresh baguette with butter and booze has been started and so has book 5 of the day.
Stopped book 5 at 22 pages in to look up a recap of the previous book as I kept thinking...wait? who is this?? WHAT is going on.
Babe's second nap has come and gone, she is currently squealing away happily, while kicking my keyboard.
Supper, ie the only healthy food of the day, will be started shortly.


  1. Heheh, Love the glasses. And the fact that you've waited until supper to have some good food. Well, the up-side is that you've got it right when you will need it most, as the hours start to become a little more challenging. Enjoy the rest of your reading! (Cheering for Team Panda!)

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