Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Child is a Sleep Terrorist and Other Tales

Oh blog, you lonely little creature.  How I fondly pet your ears as I walk by, promising to sit down and get down to it any minute now, month after month. How determinedly you wait for me, I don't deserve you.

So, I've been on mat leave, and now vacation for 13 months as of Monday, when I head back to the shocking world of waking up to an alarm clock other than my child.  To say I drastically underestimated the impending extreme lack of sleep, is an understatement.  Lucky me, I got one of the 1 in a million children who has sleep issues long after the 6 month mark, and boy howdy, does she have sleep issues!  Sadly this has taken up enormous amounts of my energy, energy I had hoped to use in updating my blog once in awhile.  Of course I've had a few blips where she's been sleeping better and I've suddenly been able to take on the world, so it hasn't been dead silent, but I still have a staggering amount of review catch up to do.

All the same I thought it was long past due for me to drop in and say a personal hello, and more importantly, thank you for still coming by periodically! You're dedication to my blog has been a lovely rosy glow in my often chaotic days.

I won't lie, I'm pretty sure the cats miss being dressed up almost as much as you miss seeing them (oh please, you know you do).

With work starting on Monday I'm hoping that my increased structure will lead to more blog posts, though they may be a bit hair-brained due to increased (oh god, how will I survive!) lack of sleep.  Until then, I leave you with my now 1 year old cutie pie. Sybil says hi, and also I love you all, come over and I'll charm you into forgetting how disruptive and troublesome I am!


  1. Two of my four kids were non sleepers so I sympathise totally!

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