Monday, September 15, 2014

Becoming Fierce- Anthology, Blog Tour Review

From Goodreads:
Life is fierce. But so are you.

Sometimes it totally sucks being a teen. Trying to fit in, dealing with bullies, a changing body, and the feeling that no one really gets it. It’s hard on the head and often seems like no one else understands.

That’s what Becoming Fierce is all about. Those not-so-fun times that come with being a teen but also how others have gone through similar things and made it to the other side. New and established Canadian authors share experiences from their teen years that have stuck with them. Some of the stories are dark and heartbreaking while others are lighthearted and grin-worthy. Regardless, they all have something in common: while things may seem like an epic fail now, they do get better.

There are several reasons I wanted to read this anthology despite the fact I'm not generally a short story person.  

Reason one: I love Susin Nielsen, who has done the forward to this book.
Seriously. The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen was an astounding book (you should really really read it. If you have already, then you really, really need to read it again.). So if she's onboard, how can I not be?  

Reason two: Part of the proceeds go to the Kids Help Phone.
I mean honestly, is there anything better than a book that is trying to help teens see past all the hard parts (god, some really, really hard parts! I cringe for my daughters future) and show the glimmer of hope on the horizon? It's called making it to adulthood alive and sane, spoiler alert.
The answer is yes, there is, when they're also providing some of your money from the purchase of the book, into funding another outlet for helping those who need extra help to make it through.  Basically you're doing a good dead just by buying the book, no matter how long it ends up in your TBR pile.

Reason three: I greatly enjoy this publisher. This Canadian publisher. This recently started, during the decline in publishing, independent, small press publisher. Co-founded by a book blogger and animal lover. The reasons are legion to support this press, however, so far the books have been so astounding I haven't needed any of them as excuses.

Reason four:
The stories are extremely readable, even when some of them are incredibly dark. 

Not a fast read or an easy read. Not a beach book or something to take on the subway with you to work. This book is made for quite reading with processing time, and sometimes with chocolate and kittens to lighten your spirits. Thought provoking and true to it's subject, Becoming Fierce is an excellent example of what anthologies can do best, highlight a subject from every angle.

Becoming Fierce, by Fierce Ink Press
Publishing September 23rd, 2015


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm not normally a short story person either, but this anthology sounds more than worth the read.

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