Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to year 5!

It is hard to believe that this little blog has been plugging along for 5 years, but although my presence has been slim recently, and irregular since Sybil was born, I have still been reading, going to signings, events and even the occasional book club!

My annual read count was it's lowest ever for 2014, I came in at 61 books, nearly half of my regular numbers.  This was due to my six month attempt to work full time, somewhere on the opposite side of the city; thereby ensuring I was commuting 2+ hours a day, on top of an already long day.  Clearly that did this blog no favours (44 posts for the year, ouch), really it did no favours for any part of my life, which is why over Christmas I decided it was time for a change. I started with a haircut, and ended by quitting my job and taking a part-time baking job 3 blocks from my house.  It's been a week and it's already glorious. Great hours, enjoyable, active work that's leagues more energetic then a desk job, and a most excellent commute. The hope going forward, is that there will be more time in my life for all the things I love, including this blog. Plans include:

  1. Finally getting things up-to-date (looks askance at Reviews by Title page that is nearly two years behind).
  2. Catching up on some of the reviews. All may very well not be possible, as I've gotten far enough behind that some of these books really would need to be re-read to do them justice.
  3. Moving this little blog that could over to Wordpress and bringing it up to 2015 standards. Also making it more negotiable from an ipad, since I no longer have a laptop, and blogger is a bitch to use on an ipad.
  4. Getting back to chatting with all of you via this blog and also via Twitter and Facebook, where I have been very, very absent lately, due to that day job and commuting.
But enough about me! What have YOU been doing with your first 19 days of 2015? Any life changes??!


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