Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catching up, My Life in Books

Ugh, it's embarrassing to admit how few books I've read this past year. I mean, I own and haven't read both Blue Lily, Lily Blue and the last part of the Mara Dyer series. And those are only two of the notable books I have sitting on my shelf unread, there are many, many others. What's more is I've wasted precious reading time reading some real stinkers, which should be considered a crime, or at least an offence for which you get rewarded a good read to make up for it.  The good news though is I've taken some time, at long last, to indulge in re-reading some favourites, like the Grisha trilogy, which is something I haven't allowed myself to do for ages.  It's hard sometimes, to step back and reclaim your reading pile from the obligations you feel towards authors, publishers and book clubs, especially when your to-be-read pile is frighteningly large.  Now that I'm completely and hopelessly behind in reviews, reading, posts and updating my blog, it has been much less guilt inducing to pick up old favourites and take my time with them.
The dread shelf of hopelessly behind reviews

Some less than impressive reads?
Talon was the biggest shocker, Julie Kagawa's Dragon series was announced with such fanfare I thought it would be astounding, but it ended up being the cheap version of Seraphina which still stands as the most impressive Dragon book I've read.

We Were Liars had a lot of hype, but I have to say, it really was just a whole lot of whinny rich brats and the havoc they created. Zero sympathy was elicited from me, and since the thriller element was poorly built up, it ended up being a really annoying book that just felt like it ate up precious time I could have spent elsewhere.
Can you believe that little skinny shelf used to be my YA/MG shelf?

On the other end of the spectrum, there were some unexpected killers this past year. Sinner seems the most obvious, and the most lauded, as a fan of Cole and Isabelle I was looking forward to this book a lot, but it was shockingly good. Possibly some of Maggies best work ever, kind of good. By far the winner of the whole wolves of mercy falls series, which now pales in comparison to this last book.

All the Bright Places had me crying my heart out for a good third of the book, but has me still thinking about depression and mental health. I had seen it compared to Eleanor and Park, and it has that same height of happiness, depths of despair quality. I'm pretty sure that Rainbow's husband Kai should not read All the Bright Places. She complained on twitter about how upset he was at her ending, so this one will surely kill him.

And speaking of Rainbow Rowell, Landline was spectacular, and will 100% connect with every adult who has been, or is in a long term relationship (married or not). If only we could re-live elements of the early days of our relationships when things get tough, maybe I should plug my old rotary phone back in? Just in case.
Oh look! The embarrassing shelf of hopelessly behind TBR's! Why yes, it IS stacked double to fit!

I think going forward some of my reading goals have to align with promising less and indulging more. It sounds simpler than it is, and it will definitely be a test of my will power (I'm a sucker for a review request email, seriously, I've taken to just not reading most of them since I know it's a bad rabbit hole for me to fall into), and it will likely have me turning back to the library for ebooks and holds which is also a sound financial decision now that I'm working less again. But most of all I hope it opens the door to re-read some of my many, many beloved books that line my copious bookshelves. It's been far to long since I had a Harry Potter read-a-thon, or since I last let myself disappear into Westros for a few weeks.
Ok, these books I've basically all read. Well except the bottom two shelves on the far left. But lets just pretend I've read them, hmm?

What about you? Have you read something either disappointing or astounding lately? And what are your reading goals for 2015?


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