Friday, April 10, 2015

That time we decided to move to the opposite side of the country

You know, the warmer one?
Yes, well, we did. Decide that is, the moving part is still a handful of weeks away still *cringe*.

It has been a crazy, and often hospitalization heavy, couple of years for the hubby and I, and the upshot is we've decided that life is easier dealt with (especially when life includes an almost 2 year old), when family members live closer than 10 hours away from you. Alas, our families are both spread across the entirety of Canada and quite a bit of the USA, so it was hard to pick. However, BC has the largest group (my dad, his wife, her sister and my grandparents), and it is also lovely and warm there. Tough decision, right? Especially after living through the coldest February in recorded history in Toronto.

The hubsters and I are both born and raised westerners who wended our ways out to Toronto in our twenties, so I suppose it's not surprising it seems like an easy choice to head back. Life is a little more laid back, the area we're headed to (Tswassen/Ladner) has large yards and cheaper rents, and we're both looking forward to a less humid summer and a warmer winter. But I would be lying if I said there weren't things I would miss about Toronto.

Oddly enough, besides the lovely friends and acquaintances I've met over the years, the number one thing this city has that Vancouver is lacking is a heavy book culture with loads of bookish events. Having the publishers converged in this city does a lot for our bookish events and I'll miss being in the hub of that. Though I realize, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver combine to make some pretty awesome events as well, so there is that to look forward to.

I will greatly miss the gathering with my Toronto Book Blog peeps. I will not say that I will miss them, because the internet will always keep me connected to them in a way that will be, by and large, no different than usual. Which is so incredibly awesome.

In the meantime, consider my silence as the sound of boxes and boxes of books being packed. Yegads! The books! We will be hitting the road at the end of May, and so I will most likely be pretty silent until mid-June. Hopefully I will quickly and firmly become part of the Vancouver Book Blogging scene and I will have much to post about by July. Until then, feel free to send me all your *best of* for Vancouver and area, and introductions to anyone bookish, baby infested or young-ish and looking to befriend newcomers.

Also, you know, if you have a great job posting you'd like to send my way... no? Well I had to try.
Now back to the packing and life organizing!
(Good lord, this moving across the country thing was much simpler when I was 20)


  1. We shall miss you (and the little one!) at the book events!! I am betting 50 boxes for all the books!!

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