Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Updates and such

So long my friends! So long without updates and hellos! I've been unforgivably neglectful, writing endless blog posts in my head while going to sleep at night but never finding the time to sit down and type them out. I imagine you can guess some of the reasons, but here's a visual on two of them:

Sybil you have met before, but lo! How she has grown into a little human!
One who enjoys gardening, long walks on the beach at low tide and hot wheels.
Then there's the newbie around here: Violet.
Possibly the sweetest, most easy going baby on planet earth.
Sure, cover me in flowers Sybil. It's totally cool, I'll just chill here and watch the clouds drift by.

Life is busy and chaotic with two munchkins and four cats, but oddly I seem to be getting way more sleep and maintaining my sanity much better, this time around. We've hit textbook toddlerhood and it's both wonderful and alcohol inducing, so that part is challenging, but our new hood on the other side of the country goes a long way to making everything easier.

B.C. is fantastic. It's been full blown spring since end of February, and we've already spent several long days at the beach! THE BEACH, can you believe it? Neither can I, but I have the photos to prove it, so it must be true.

As far as reading goes, I've been enjoying catching up on my TBR piles and re-reading old favourites. Currently I'm knee deep in the Scorpio Races and relishing how a good book is always good, even when your reading habits are not what they used to be and your attention span is short.  Mmmmmm, flesh eating horses!!

Anyhoots, I have been slowly and sluggishly trying to make updates to the blog, and once again investigating moving it over to wordpress. I make no promises, but I am once again feeling compelled instead of obligated to blog and that is always a good sign.


  1. Wow - changes indeed! Congrats on the new one, the move and everything! (It's tiring, but I'm sure worth it in the end.) I hope the Scorpion Races is as good as the Raven Cycle. All the best...

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